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Below are five newsletters, publications, and websites that I read to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world.

And for those, like my son, that prefer to do things rather than to read about them, I would point you to the DO MORE section →

Do More

First and foremost, vote. If you have the privilege of being in a democracy, you can start by making sure that you’re registered to vote (that link is for Americans, but most democracies just require a google search to get started!) and then promising to yourself that you’ll never miss a vote in your life.

Second, if you can make the time, go sit in on your local city council or your school board meetings. And if you have the appetite, run for office. Real change happens in small rooms and in small actions that accumulate over time; there is plenty of capitalism to reimagine. You just have to raise your hand.

Third, there are organizations around the world that are leading and driving civic change. Here are five of my favorite ones: